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June 11, 2017

Goodbye . . . :(

All good things come to an end right? Unfortunately we will no longer be streaming or posting new content on YouTube. See our video explaining why HERE. Thank you all for your support, it has been a blast!

May 2, 2017

One of the BEST old content markets

See our latest video on what you should be crafting with your dark iron ore here.

April 13, 2017

Warcraft news & rants videos

This video series is new content for our channel. The focus will be more generalized Warcraft updates, tips and rants on whatever we feel like :) First video HERE.


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Xionik and Sheyrah here. We love playing video games and want to share our experience with you. To do that, we created a central hub (this website) to provide quick easy access to all our content. All our YouTube videos, Twitch highlights, live streams, screenshots, tutorials and custom charts / diagrams will be here, on the site.


We have been playing World of Warcraft since it came out. We also occasionally play other games and bought a capture card to stream those from time to time as well. However, our main focus is Word of Warcraft for now. To take our gaming to the next level, we decided to start streaming, make a YouTube page and website to share our journey and be more involved in the community. Specifically, we plan to bring you in-depth gold making tutorials and occasionally stream high-end Arena or casual battlegrounds, depending what we're in the mood for or what the demand is.

Please bookmark us! If you would like to help support what we are doing, please feel free to subscribe, follow or donate! Enjoy the content, more always to come!


Xionik - Main Hunter, highest rating 2451

Xionnik - Alt Hunter, highest rating 2273

Brevan - Alt rDruid, highest rating 2213


I used to play this game specifically to arena, for over 10 years! But....things change.


I recently stopped doing serious rated arena. Instead, I've got into playing a varierty of other games and more importantly, FARMING gold! Hopefully I can show you guys a few new spots to check out so you can capitalize on learning the AH from Sheyrah and having some fun farming new spots I may recommend.


We also do BGs, casual arenas, mount farming and xmog runs!


Gold making hero, profession abuser extraordinaire, best AH looter in the north and undercutting glyph sniping be0*#$!


You all know me as Sheyrah and even though my main focus has been making gold and investing the profits to make more. I did, once upon a time come from a full time, 5 days a week raiding background. That became dull and felt like a job. That aspect of the game just wasn't as fun for me anymore. I needed a change of pace, casual BGs and eventually the AH. I only got into gold making towards the end of Cataclysm.


You want to earn 88 million+ gold too? watch the streams and check the YouTube videos to learn how! New content always in the works!


When season 14 ended we decided that we wanted to shift our focus from leading and maintaining a PvP guild to using our time to play more games (outside of WoW) and ultimately, build our stream.


We passed lead of our old guild Skrillex and transferred our characters and bulk of our supply to Horde Tichondrius Feb 21, 2014.


Our new guild on Tich is called "Auction House Trainer". We will use this guild as our primary guild bank when streaming and for storing our in-game stream giveaway prizes.


In 2015 we also started playing EU accounts as well. We will be playing the EU accounts a lot since we're brand new there and have zero stock.


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